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We are Closed

Dear Customers, Vendors, and Friends,


After 28 years of service, 95 Prayers has closed up shop.


Founder Debby Vestlie(Retired) founded 95Prayers in her basement in 1993 with a line of quality prayer beads which became popular online and at Baha'i conferences. The growth of the business continued with the addition of other hand-crafted products for Baha'is, including fine art, greeting cards, and fine gold and silver jewelry. 


Debby's Daughter Kate continues to create her layered art masterpieces and her art can be found at or on Facebook at Kate Vestlie Artis
David Brown's fine Baha'i Jewelry can still be ordered at or you can reach him directly at 952-544-0545.


We thank you for your patronage over these years!
Debby Vestlie